Identify multiple sources to build support behind your particular theorist.

write a three page paper on EACH theorist which addresses the key components of the theory. Ensure that the following things are addressed in your response:
(1) Provide a thorough description of the stages,
(2) key paradigms or schemes essential to the theory development,
(3) examples of how the theory explains a particular issue respective to children’s development. You may identify multiple sources to build support behind your particular theorist.
1.Eriksons The Epigenetic Principle, 8 Psycho social stages of development. (you can look up this site:
2.Sigmund Freud: Psycho-Dynamic Theory, Psycho-sexual Theory: Basic assumption, Libido & the Psycho-sexual Theory, Levels of Consciousness, you can check out this website :

PS: Im not a native speaker, please write this paper in a simply way. Links above should be useful, they can help you easy to understand how to write this paper, you may use it as a review, if you want.

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