Identify the key features of structure, conduct and performance in the industry.

You are to select an industry on which the assignment will be based. and then tell me what it is, i will ask professor if its ok. You are then to prepare a report on the industry that answers the following questions.
a) Identify the key features of structure, conduct and performance in the industry. To what extent does the S-C-P paradigm provide a valid explanation of the conduct and performance in the industry?
b) Examine ways in which new and existing firms attempt to enter the industry and to expand. What barriers to entry and mobility exist and how do firms overcome them?
c) In light of the answers above, which approach(es) provide the most valid insight into how markets develop over time?

The report should be a maximum of 2,500 words for the main body (including within-text references and tables you have created) of the report (not including contents page, footnotes, executive summary, appendices, bibliography, tables imported from elsewhere) .
If you create big tables or tables containing a lot of numerical information, I would advise you to place it in an appendix to conserve words in your word count.

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