Identify the potential aviation Weather hazards in the chart.

2.You are required to select any two Aviation Weather Forecast Products (in graphic format), for example- Significant Weather Prognostic charts, Wind and temperature forecasts, Graphical turbulence, Current Icing potential chart, Radar Summary chart, Surface Analysis chart, Satellite Imagery, Low-level Significant Weather and Surface Forecast Chart etc.

3.Following actions are required in each chart.

a.Colour printout.
b.Explain the title, including area coverage and validity.
c.Explain the purpose of the chart.
d.Explain all symbols, diagrams and graphics.
e.Identify the potential aviation Weather hazards in the chart.
f.Explain briefly on each of the aviation weather hazards.
g.Explain the possible actions that would be required by you prior to undertaking the flight and during the flight, in the area as covered in the chart.

4.The Assignment should contain all the answers as detailed para 3 above.

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