Identify your strategies for creating customer and shareholder value.

Each simulation team will present its strategies and
outcomes in a class PowerPoint presentation. This will serve as a debriefing session to learn
from other teams’ experiences.
Section 1: The team’s business strategy. This includes your market strategy and associated
operational goals. Identify your strategies for creating customer and shareholder value. This is
what we intend to accomplish.
Section 2: Decisions made during the computer simulation. Essentially, this section reflects how
you went about executing the plan identified in section 1 in light of customers’ needs and
competitors’ actions. This is what we did and these were our results.
Section 3: How you would modify your plan going forward (in round nine and beyond) based on
your performance in the eight competitive rounds. Remember, the plan stipulates what you
intend to do and the simulation identifies what you actually did. This is what we learned and
what we would do if there was a next period
What did the finance department decide? How to improve? ROE, ROA and others analysis.

ONLY analyze the Finance department decision.

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