In 3-5 Sentences describe Secure Attachment and what you learned from the Videos.

Watch videos, “John Bowlby: ” and “Mary Ainsworth: ”

1. Describe John Bowlby’s definition of the term attachment from our textbook and complete the following questions #1- 6.

  1. In 3-5 Sentences describe Secure Attachment and what you learned from the Videos.
  2. In 2-4 Sentences describe the benefits and outcomes of Secure Attachment.
  3. Describe the 3 forms of Insecure Attachment.
  4. Can irritable, fussy behavior in a young baby change with sensitive parenting? If so, what is involved? See Chapters 2 & 7.
  5. How does Secure Attachment affect compliance and conduct? See Chapter 5.
  6. Provide an example of someone you know, yourself, your child, or a sibling and how you believe they did or did not benefit from Secure Attachment. How has their life been impacted, especially in their adult or adolescent relationships?

Your participation grade will be based on the QUALITY of your message board postings responses. Your initial post (answering the topic questions) should have a minimum of 250 words. Attention: the following is Mandatory: Refer to our 2 books and include at least 3-4 quotations in your initial post and 2-3 quotations in your response post from our textbooks.  Only posts that include the name of the author and page number at the end of the quotations (and include quotation marks) will receive points. Paraphrased information should be used to augment your posts. Specifically, “yes/no” or “I agree” are not acceptable. Detailed, well thought out responses are required. Reference to material and information provided from the text and other online sources provided should be used to supplement your comments.

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