In a brief paper (5-6 pages), complete an analysis of your company, its industry, and at least one (publicly traded) competitor.

The Industry Research Paper is a comprehensive look at the intern’s experience, company, and the current market and industry trends in his or her area of study. It provides an opportunity to utilize research skills and practice synthesizing information into a cohesive point of view. It also provides an opportunity for additional learning about the organization, the industry overall, and relevant career paths.

In a brief paper (5-6 pages), complete an analysis of your company, its industry, and at least one (publicly traded) competitor. Make sure to answer the following questions as part of your paper, but don’t simply list the questions and the answers. Write a compelling, coherent analysis that weaves the answers into your work. (Please don’t assume you know the answers to these questions. Actually research the answers.)


1.Who does my company serve? (That is, who are its customers?)
2.How does my company reach new customers or clients?
3.What are my company’s top three sources of revenue? (That is, how does it earn its money?)
4.What are my company’s three biggest expenses?
5.What is one unique thing about my company? (That is, how does it differentiate itself from competitors?)
6.What legal protections are in place to protect my company? (Think: contracts, trademarks, non-disclosures, etc.)

Industry Questions
7.Describe the company’s industry. Who are the major players in the industry?
8.What is the average (or median) compensation within this industry?(The BLS is a good place to research this.)
9.What is the industry outlook? (The BLS is still a good place to research.)
Expert Tip: Check out BLS data ( as a source for this information, but give yourself plenty of time. Navigating BLS data isn’t exactly intuitive.

Publicly Traded “Competitor” Questions
10.Find a publicly traded company that does something similar to what your company does (anything close will do if there isn’t an immediately apparent competitor). Read the most recent MD&A for that company. What strikes you about this company?
– My teacher said it can be any big interior design firm that is on stock exchange.

11.Does the company have enough cash on hand to cover its expenses for the next year?(Hint: Find the company’s balance sheet, and compute the Current Ratio to answer this question. Divide Current Assets by Current Liabilities. Anything close to 1.0 (or above it!) means the answer is yes.)
12.Did the company make or lose money last year? (Hint: Find the company’s Profit & Loss Statement and look at its bottom line.)
Expert Tip: Look for the most recent audited financial statements of the company you choose to find this information. The company must be publicly traded (so you can find the information online), and you should be able to find the audited statements on the company’s website or through the SEC (

You must cite at least five scholarly sources as part of this research paper. We’ve given you the first two – the BLS data, and audited financials from a publicly traded competitor – so really, you only need to find three more scholarly sources. And no, Wikipedia isn’t scholarly.

Industry Research Paper Assignment Criteria
·Write in a business formal voice and use APA style citation. I will provide the template below that teacher gave me.
·Reference a minimum of five (5) scholarly books, articles, or other sources that establish a framework for your approach and/or support arguments/positions.
·Answer the questions through your writing and include in-text citations when referring to the sources.
·Include a separate reference page listing sources in alphabetical order.

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