In the era of ever tightening Federal budgets should we be spending more money to research space or the worlds oceans?Explain

Recently NASA sent a rocket to hit the Moon (at a cost of how many millions of dollars?) to see if there was any water ice in a crater near the Moon’s South Pole. Meanwhile down here on Earth there a few trillion gallons of water that have not been completely explored. In addition, the tsunami that devastated Japan which has the best tsunami-warning system in the world, yet they only had 20 mins warning. If you were testifying before Congress as the head of NOAA ( the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) how would you make your case for more money for your research programs?
In the era of ever tightening Federal budgets should we be spending more money to research space or the worlds oceans? Support your viewpoints with references and specific areas of the oceans or space that we haven’t explored or oceanic phenomenon that are not yet fully understood.
Here’s an irony (and I like a good irony) just about everything we’ve learned about keeping people alive in space we learned keeping them alive UNDERWATER. Look at a space-suit and a “hard-hat” dive suit, the living quarters on the space shuttle and a decompression chamber. Astronauts train in swimming pools! Also NOAA owns and operates the weather satellites, NASA just launches them.Recently movie director James Cameron built and dove his own submersible to the bottom of the Marianas Trench. He is now 1 of only 3 humans who have ever been there and he paid for it himself (with the profits from the Avatar and Titanic movies) Check out the attached articles before writing your answer.

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