In what ways did the American Revolution affect the Slave experience?

Paper Assignment #2
Using Chapters 4 and 11 in Give Me Liberty and a selection of internet resources such as “The Difference Slavery Made,” “O Say Can you See,” “Race and Slavery Petitions Project, and “The Valley of the Shadow,” you will write a paper investigating one aspect of the slave experience. This essay is intended for you to analyze historical information and to develop an argument on an historical topic. Make sure to develop a thesis statement on which your essay builds. Make sure also to use dates, terminology, events, and other important information to support your essay. The paper grading criteria is available on Northwest Online.
You need to choose one of the following questions to investigate:
1. In what ways did the American Revolution affect the Slave experience?
2. The slave experience changed dramatically between the first colonies and just before the Civil War. Explain the differences and their importance.
3. Southerners complained of “wage slavery” in the North. Investigate the economic differences between “wage slavery” and racially based slavery.
4. How were non-slaveholding whites and “free people of color” affected by slavery?
5. Investigate the family relationships within slave families. How were they impacted by slavery?
You need to first use the sources designated. You may also use outside sources, but only after these have been consulted:
“The Difference Slavery Made”
“The Valley of the Shadow”
“O Say Can you See: Early Washington D.C. Law & Family”
“Race and Slavery Petitions Project”
Basic Guidelines
3-5 Pages
Double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins
Three different citations/references minimum

Footnotes: If you need to use a direct quote from your textbook or notes, please use footnotes in the following format when citing your source. You need the author’s name, title, and page number for the textbook. For websites, you need to use the full URL of the page you received your information from.[1] For the notes, the instructor’s name and lecture title will suffice. Example: According to Historian Eric Foner, “In the design of the American flag, the first elements to emerge were the red and white stripes.”[2] ******Please note that the numbers with footnotes should be super-scripted.******

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