In what ways do you adapt a source as a lens? Your new task is to craft counterclaims against opinions different than yours.


This is it gang: the culmination of all our hard work. Lets end on a strong note!

Your goal is to articulate your critical stance in attempt to provide answers to your research question. Using your sources from Short Paper 4, you will craft a well-constructed argument.
Remember, your goal is more than being right or writing something insightful; your larger aim is to provide solutions that could create critical change by affecting attitudes and policies.


1. In your introduction, you should a.) state your research question, b.) justify its significance (or impact on society), c.) identify the scope of its significance (how common is your problem? how many people does it effect? etc.) and d.) establish your critical stance (i.e. your thesis).

2. In the body of your essay, I suggest using your research to identify harms related to your research question. In many cases, identifying the causes and effects of each harm could help to support your argument. Do these harms affect people physically, mentally, socially, financially?

3. In your conclusion, your goal is to provide solutions for the problems youve identified related to your research questions. Remember, the solutions you propose can work to change both attitudes and policies. Also, suggest what your solution would entail: do laws need to be changed? Will your solution require funding? Is the burden on an individual or an organization?
Finally, I suggest addressing any inherent barriers that stand in opposition to you.


This paper serves as a culmination of all the skills you’ve learned thus far. I will be looking for your ability to summarize and synthesize arguments taken from your sources. How well do you use comparative analysis to compare and contrast your sources? In what ways do you adapt a source as a lens? Your new task is to craft counterclaims against opinions different than yours.

Analysis: Are your arguments sound? Structure:Do you solve all harms?
Support:Are claims supported by research? Revision:Is the paper expertly crafted?

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