Interest inventory of Media arts and Animation.

Assignment 2: Interest Inventory and Prewriting

This assignment has two parts. Part 1 consists of completing the Interest Inventory per the explanation and example shown in your textbook, The Curious Researcher.

Once you complete all sections of the Interest Inventory, begin working on Part 2, the prewriting portion of the assignment. Below are three different methods of generating ideas, or brainstorming. Click each method to download an example.

Listing: Creating columns of ideas or short phrases about a topic.
Freewriting: Compiling a series of complete or fragmentary sentences that provide a loosely organized narrative or collection of ideas pertaining to a single topic. At the top of a blank Microsoft Word document, write the topic you chose in Part 2 of the Interest Inventory. Take a moment to think, then simply begin writing down any ideas you have that pertain to the topic. Write until your ideas are exhausted.
Clustering: Creating a diagrammatic outline of thoughts in which a topic is identified and then legs (spidering) or branches are added around that identify the main and sub-points. If you are interested in clustering or spidering, then take a look at This site provides tools for creating a unique brainstorming visual.
To generate your prewriting, choose one of the three methods described above. Try to generate as many original ideas about your topic as possible. To that end, try to complete one full (double-spaced) page in a Microsoft Word document.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
Submitted the results of the Interest Inventory, including steps one through three.
Posted a prewriting assignment that uses one of the brainstorming/prewriting methods discussed in the assignment guidelines.
Employs correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and appropriate logic, voice, and formatting.
Participates actively in the discussion. Reviews and responds to questions and comments submitted by at least two others.

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