internship report purchase departement

1. Technical constraints:9 pages (excluding annexes)Font: Times or Arial body 12 (single line spacing and normal margins 1.5 cm)Possible annexes (max. 5 pages)2. Report plan:• Presentation of Purchase department.a. International purchaseb. local purchase.• Presentation of mission and objectives. Activity: tasks, organization, difficulties encountered and results achieved.a. Purchase Assistanti. Supplier Management, cost control & negotiation.ii. finding supplies and negotiating contracts for the supplies, purchasing departments are also responsible for monitoring the supplier\’s performance. Purchasing departments must evaluate the supplier\’s performance and quality control.iii. Logistics control, legal controliv. To purchase the required material at minimum possible price by following the company policies.v. to keep department expenses Development of good & new vendors (suppliers).vii. Development of good relation with the existing suppliers.viii. training & development of personal employees in department.ix. to maintain proper & up to date records of all transactions.x. Participating in development of new material and products.xi. to contribute in product improvement.xii. Tools: presentation of ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2, Weekly Meeting to discuss all issues faced, Weekly reporting (Checklist of Purchase orders pending & shipment Delivery Pending).• Main International Vendors: Q-matic, Wincor Nixdorf, Glory solutions, Guanzgzhou Yinsu Electronic Technology Company Ltd, Rise Grace ATM Parts Co Ltd, SAFELOCK SYSTEMS LIMITED• Conclusion: what you learnt during your internship.

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