Interview Paper

The topic of the interview should be something that you know little or nothing about that happened in the life of the interviewee. Perhaps there is a family secret you wish to gather information about—or an event that the person participated in that you do not know much about. It should be an opportunity for you to learn something. Do not attempt to conduct the interview on a topic that you already know. It will be boring for you and for your interviewee. Find a topic that you think is interesting and that your interviewee feels comfortable discussing with you.2. Choose a focus for your interview. Some examples might be:a. Interviewing your uncle about his tour of duty in Vietnamb. Interviewing your mother about growing up on a Native American reservationc. Interview a parent about an arranged marriaged. Interview a family friend about how he/she started his/her own businessPaper requirements:Your paper MUST be typed, double spaced, and free of grammatical and spelling errors.The length of your paper will depend on your interview. There is no page limit; however, it is hard to imagine all of the following requirements done with less than 6 pages. The length is determined by the interview.The order of your paper is as follows:1. Cover sheeti. This should include your name, the interviewee’s name and SPH 1090.2. Question Agendai. This is the list of all the questions you have asked. It may have changed since I saw your draft, or may not have. In any case, a copy of the agenda must be included here,3. Two-page summary of what YOU learned from this experience.i. This is not a summary of the questions or your interpretation of the questions. I want you to tell me what it was like doing this assignment. Was it difficult to put together an agenda? Was it a positive experience? What did you learn about interviewing, etc.?4. The ANSWERS to your interview questionsi. This is arranged in PARAGRAPH form. Meaning, you will use your topic heading and them type the answers to the questions under the heading in a paragraph. I DO NOT want a list of answers. I want a paragraph.ii. Again, use the interviewee’s voice, not yours.

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