Interview with a trauma or disaster survivor

the question are designed to help you understand how the interviewee\’s identity was shaped by experiencing this trauma. (include interviewee\’s name, occupation.)1.describe your experience surviving a disaster or personal trauma such as an earthquake, hurricane, fire or death of a loved one. What happened?2.How have you tried to heal from this painful experience? In what ways have you recovered, and in what ways are you still struggling with the aftermath of this event?3. What can you conclude, based on your experience, about the process of going through and healing from major loss or trauma? what is important for anyone who hasnt experienced this kind of loss to know?4. How did this change your life?5.Did you receive any help or aid from government or official (if there were available)?6. Did you lose something that u treasured/ important with you during this event? (If there were) and Why is it important to you and you treasured so much

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