Introduction to business technology

A-Find 4 websites each has one dominant design aspect (Content, Technology, Visual, Economics) – state the reasons for choice
B- Find a balanced website – state the reasons for your choice.

calss note

web designing is affected by 4 major aspects:
Contents: main functionality of content is to inform or to persuade visitor to the website
Technology: to implement functionality of the website. Ex: user registration, etc
Visuals: provide the form of the site (outline of the site)
Economics: represent the economic ramification of building the site – if there is not clear purpose of why the site, it is generally not built
Two common types of websites:
Visual-driven website: a website that mainly depends on fancy graphics and animated images and logos without keeping the real purpose of the site in consideration
Technology-Driven website: a website that mainly depends on technology and ignoring the visualization aspect. usually those sites need plug-in to be installed by browser to work.

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