Introduction to Total Rewards

An Introduction to Total Rewards

The concept of total rewards relates to every element of an employment relationship that can be considered valuable. Total rewards include not only monetary compensation such as salary or wages, but also benefits packages and voluntary benefits. Voluntary benefits are extensive in options and, depending on those selected, can be expensive to offer. They generally include various work-life or lifestyle elements such as flexible hours, flexible work environment, paid time off, insurance programs, retirement packages, career mentoring, and even on-site gourmet cafeterias. The most common total rewards programs entail recognition rewards, opportunities for development, and upward mobility. HR professionals should consider implementing a wide array of rewards in efforts to address the unique and personal preferences of employees. As no two employees are exactly alike, neither are the ways in which they perceive a reward to be “meaningful.”

Evaluate the elements of total rewards in terms of their importance to employment relationships. Also assess the option of providing customized rewards packages tailored to the unique needs and preferences of individual employees.
First explore the World at Work Total Rewards Association website to familiarize yourself with the five elements of total rewards. Then review the article “Beyond compensation: How employees prioritize total rewards at various life stages,” to consider the challenges, costs, and benefits of trying to provide customized rewards to a diverse range of employees.

Addresses the following:

Evaluate the elements of total rewards.
Describe two elements of total rewards, as outlined by WorldatWork, which may be the most important in establishing an employment relationship.
Support your reasoning by providing insights into personal work experiences, real-world examples, and references to this week’s Learning Resources.
Assess the option of providing customized rewards packages.
Identify one benefit and one negative consequence that organizations might face when attempting to provide customized rewards packages.
Can and should all organizations aim to meet the individual preferences of employees by offering customized packages?
As an HR total rewards professional, would you advocate for or against these types of packages?
Identify one benefit and one negative consequence employees might face when organizations attempt to provide customized reward packages.
Should employees have the right to tailor rewards packages to meet the needs and wants of their lives?
As an employee in an organization, would you rather have a traditional reward system, or one that you could customize? Why?

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