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In the previous Discussion Board, revenue generating activities were discussed involving countries not adhering to the United Nations platform of Convention on Contracts for the International Sales of Goods (CISG). Regardless of whether the foreign country has accepted this platform or not, ultimately from time to time, disputes regarding business activities are going to take place. Therefore, what are the legal remedies that national and international businesses can rely on to seek some sort of restitution?

Assignment Guidelines

Using the Internet and the library, select two countries of your choosing, and research their laws and regulations pertaining to the settlement of disputes that arise through business transactions.
Address the following questions:
What are the benefits of utilizing the negotiation process first?
How much power and authority could the WTO enact during this process?
What are the implications of choosing private law to seek ratification? Explain.
What are the ramifications of choosing the governing law? Explain.
Compile your responses into a Word document of 850–1,100 words.
You must reference at least 2 sources from your library research.