Is about obesity and lacking sports activity from the other group of kids.Explain

Use the issue addressed in your previous Learning Team Presentation.


       ( Is about obesity and lacking sports activity from the other group of kids )

Select the most appropriate format to persuade your intended audience of the resolution to your issue. Possible formats include a political campaign, a city council proposal, an editorial article, a commercial, a radio-style podcast, a comprehensive political pamphlet, an interactive game, a website, and so forth. Focus on creativity and on solid persuasive technique.

Explain why you chose your format for your intended audience. ( For Parents and Students)

Create a presentation of your message as you would present it to your intended audience. Include the following in your presentation:

  • Consider possible reasons your audience might reject your ideas. Address anticipated audience objections to your proposal.
  • Devise strategies for persuading your audience to accept your proposal and incorporate that persuasion in your presentation of the message.
  • Strategically organize your material to deliver your message with the ultimate effect.

Present your Persuasive Communication Presentation in class. Your presentation must be 15 to 20 minutes in length.

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