Is Online Dating a Positive Development or Something to Be Concerned About?Explain

instructions for draft 2:The 2nd draft must have an introduction that sets up your essay and a thesis statement. The introduction should set up the thesis and be 4-5 sentences. The thesis should be one. You will loose points for intros that are also a thesis, for missing intros and missing or vague thesis statements. Additionally, you must have body paragraphs and all paragraphs should be indented. At this point, I am more concerned with your reasoning of concepts, ideas, and thesis so research is not important right now, but you should have some –regardless of it being placed in the 2nd draft or off to the side for later use.General Instructions: Now that we have covered most common essay types, let’s do a persuasive research essay that combines persuasiveness with one of the other essay styles. You may combine which every style you’d like, compare and contrast with definition, cause and effect with process –this, my friend who I assume is eager to write, is up to you. To start choose one of the topics below or generate your own topic. Then pick a side, a stance on the issue and defend it. Your final essay must do the following:
Is online dating a positive development or something to be concerned about?

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