Is Religion the Primary Cause of Violent Conflict?Explain

Write an argumentative essay about the issue (I am proposing this issue). My claim is that religion is the root of all the violence and dispute taking place in the middle east.

You need to mention my supporting claims as well as the opposition’s claim. Sources should be used to support the claim and provide evidence that support my claim. I recommend these sources

– the book “Not in the name of God”
– The Gods of War: Is Religion the Primary Cause of Violent Conflict?

Make sure there is a clear and arguable thesis statement and that you provide any necessary background information.
Added on 09.04.2016 20:15
The sources again are:

The Gods of War: Is Religion the Primary Cause of Violent Conflict?

Not in God\”s Name: Confronting Religious Violence

Feel free to change one of them. just make sure you use three sources.

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