Is the Myth about the cyclical patter of prices and GDP still true?

It is a 10 page essay, kind of updating a professional essay by Kydland and Prescott. It has to be 10 written pages without counting the tables and graphs (which are already made). I already have 7 written pages. Some questions havent been answered and that’s what you need to add.
I need it before 4:30pm today
Added on 25.02.2016 13:18
The questions that I think that haven’t been answered or not completely answered are: the last question of the introduction part (What will be the contribution of your paper relative to Kydland and Prescott?) and the last two questions of the conclusion/results part (Is the Myth about the cyclical patter of prices and GDP still true? Given the recent experience of the US economy during the Great Recession, what are some reasons for why or why not?)

The PDF that I attached is the essay that we are working with.

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