Is the use of standardized tests improving Education in America

To argue effectively, you must recognize there is at least one other side to any argument.Be sure you have a strong thesis. A thesis statement is different than a topic sentence, in that it must be arguable. So, “I’m going to write about social media” is a topic, but “Social media can be a valuable tool for understanding the world” is an arguable thesis.Because each of you will be writing arguments of your own choosing, it is up to you to find the type of argument that will most closely match your essay. Different kinds of arguments: arguments of fact, arguments of definition, evaluations, and causal arguments.The paper should be about how standardized tests DO NOT improve the Education in America. I am attaching a Pro/Con sheet on this subject matter that should only be used as reference and guidance on some of the reasons why it does not improve.Needs to be 12font, double spaced, Times Roman

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