Is there a wide variation for daily calories, amount of food or for certain nutrients?

Diet Analysis Project; Summary
A record of seven days of food intake will be recorded, and analysis of three of the days will be performed, using either the internet or a food/diet analysis table found in the back of your text book. You are also required to provide a two page summary of your eating behaviors and a recommendation of how you would improve your dietary intake based on the summary and the diet analysis.

Diet analysis project.

Instructions; Collect seven days of food intake, and record the approximate time, a description of the food or beverage you’ve consumed chicken-fried, milk-1% low fat, and a measured amount. The amount is the tricky part but attempt to be as accurate as you can.

You will need to select three days, one of which should be a weekend day, and prepare to analysis these days. You will need to provide information on the amount of food you consumed. At some point when you are providing a summary of your eating behaviors you will need to comment on the amount you eat as a serving as compared to what the serving size is for that food.

You will then provide the calories you consumed from each food and break down the food for carbohydrate, fat and protein intake. You will also need to provide the intake of certain vitamins and minerals. If you have purchased a book that came with an access code for a web based dietary analysis you may certainly use this program. If you did not get a code with your book, a dietary analysis program will be available to you, such as the one at You may also use a nutrient composition table accessed on the internet of your choosing. (
Compare your three days. Is there a wide variation for daily calories, amount of food or for certain nutrients? Include a comment about this in your summary. You are also to write in your summary about how you think your eating behaviors and your nutrient intake are meeting your nutritional needs and what you might do to improve them. For this section you may use the U.S. Dietary Guidelines provided in the beginning of your text or anything else covered in your book or in class.

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