Issues in International Business. Discuss

Order 53121: Issues in International Business

Introduction of the chosen host country and rationale of the choice country description is succinct, well written and clear, uses summarisation or paraphrasing, includes key attributes of the country & excellent explanations on rationale of the choice Maximum mark 5 Cultural analysis of the host country A very good or excellent and very clear cultural analysis of the host country. Many unique cultural components are explained. Maximum mark 9 Business culture of the host country A very good or excellent analysis of the business culture of the host country and provided a very good comparison with home country Maximum mark 9 Hofstede’s 5 cultural dimensions analysis submission has a Hofstede’s 5 cultural dimensions analysis with good details in each section Maximum mark 9 Conclusion submission and conclusions are well considered and take into account the personnel strategies of the company Maximum mark 3 Organisation. Spelling, Grammar, Sentence construction etc. submission is very organised with well constructed paragraphs, and has clear headings. Excellent sentence construction and grammar with no spelling mistakes Maximum mark 2 Word Length & Referencing The specified word length for each section is less that 10% higher or lower. Very good APA style in-text citations used throughout document. Good reference list. Maximum mark 3

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