James Earl Ray and How his latent fingerprint helped people see he killed martin luther king jr.

James Earl Ray and How His Fingerprint on the weapon helped connect him to the murder or Martin Luther King Jr. This paper will be based on the primary evidentiary material in a court case which was James earl ray’s fingerprint on the weapon (he also admitted to murdering martin Luther king before recanting his story) . Needs to have two scholarly references peer-reviewed as well as one textbook. More scholarly articles are fine just 2 minimum online and one book. APA 6th ed. as well. This paper could begin about telling a little bit about martin Luther king, then James earl ray and his background, and then the murder of martin luther and how james was connected to the murder and so on. My professor is a stickler for scholarly sources. Also, my paper should not receive a similarity score of 15% on turntitin he made that very clear to us. This research paper MUST have fingerprints/latent’s embedded in the subject writing as a significant point (since this class is based on fingerprints).APA regulations require a reference page including all references ascribed to in paper; properly cite the sources both in the body of the paper and on a separate “References” page (this is what my professor put on there as well). Also need to incorporate the issue of excellence in the paper since that is one of our university’s core value. My university is saint Leo university.

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