Jesus and the gospel task

Jesus and the gospel task

your work must be type in front size 12 , double spaced and with 3 cm margins .
your work must be referenced in recommended style .

presentation and report

prepare 10 minutes presentation on the following together with exactly 1000 word report

module to be met

outcome 1 – evaluate the impact of the social ,political , cultural and theological environment at the time the gospels were written and the major influences on the respective authors

outcome 6- presentation skills

outcome7- appropriate judgements of work produced by peers

my work i want here is a presentation report

i ready done my presentation but i need help for make the report of your way about the topic .it will help me to know how to make a nice report

i gave you how i feel the day of my presentation so you can add on my report
the days of my presentation i came early .i was standing to do my presentation ,i was relax and . i handily my presentation on peace of paper. i had a fair management of my time with the material i had so far .my voice projection was good .i felt i had done a good presentation because i know i make a lot of research .

here is the feedback from my peer

my first peer judge me according to my accent ,the fact that english is not my first language .he was not sure if i meet the criteria
eye contact and voice projection was good

the second peer said that i meet the criteria and think that it a good pass and my gesture ,stance ,eye contact , was good
i took note of

the tutors feedback were encouraging .he said that the the way i manage my paper work was perfect .he can see that i make effort . the definition was ok . i was very confident .have a nice voice projection and eye contact ok .

i took note of all these comment and i can do better in the future

in conclusion

i was happy with this discussion because he gave me the opportunity to make a lot search on John gospel and the different view from scholars ,i love all the process and the presentation was give me the opportunity to realise that with practice i can be more better .feedback from the first peer was very unfair because he judge according to my accent not my work but i do not take it badly because i love challenge sometime and i will work on the way i speak to make sure everybody can understand . all feedback from friends and tutors was encouraging …………………………

here is just a summary of my presentation to help you to make it summative and academic report of presentation according to the topic (discuss the occasion that led to the composition of the gospel of john and how the author attempt to resolves the problems)
.all have to be 1000 word.

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