Korean media entertainment development.Discuss

Topic: Korean media entertainment development
Description: For this assignment, you will take a concept/topic for this course and redesign the way it is taught. The redesign is intended to teach the concept/topic in the most effective way possible to new first-year students. You will (1) choose a concept/topic; (2) identify and evaluate three outside sources addressing the concept/topic; (3) determine a new way to teach the concept to a specific audience based on those sources; and (4) write an explanatory essay on how and why you selected concept/topic for this assignment.
STEP 1. The topic that I choose is Korean Media entertainment development. The purpose of this assignment is to take what you have learned in this course, supplement what you have learned with three outside sources, and explain the concept to an audience of new first-year students who have little or no understanding of concept that you choose (though they may be familiar with the term).
STEP 2. Identify three outside sources that address the chosen concept and evaluate these sources based on biases, strengths, and weaknesses. Consider the following:
1. Search strategy: What process are you using to identify diverse sources and why? These might include: Google, Wikipedia, social media, library resources, newspapers and magazines, electronic databases (like ProQuest), blogs, etc.
2. Credibility: Where did the source come from and who wrote it?
3. Relevance: Is the information in the source recent or timely?
4. Objectivity: What kind of methods, evidence, or arguments did they provide?
STEP 3. Determine how you would use those sources to redesign the concept to new first-year students. Examples might include making a poster, building a website, creating a YouTube video, giving a speech, etc.
STEP 4. Submit an essay (5-8 pages) that addresses the following:
1. Concept/Topic: Explain your concept/topic for the project.
2. Source quality & Evaluation: Describe the type of sources you chose (articles, books,
videos, websites, etc.) and the overall quality of this collection. And evaluate each
source in terms of credibility, relevance, and objectivity.
3. Concept/Topic redesign: Based on the sources (and what you’ve learned in the course),
explain how you would teach the concept that you choose to new first-year students
4. Bibliography: The essay should include the bibliographic citations for the sources you
use for this assignment, formatted according to MLA, APA, or Chicago style

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