Write a 500-word response to the film An Inconvenient Truth.

Link to video: http://www.mojvideo.com/video-an-inconvenient-truth-2006-full-movie-vostfr-slo-podn/32f7a8034ed710edce13

Write a 500-word response to the film An Inconvenient Truth.
What was new to you? What surprised you? Did you agree with the arguments presented?

(1) Do not retell the story.
(2) Your first paragraph should be an introduction to the issue or issues on which you are going to focus.
(3) The main body of your essay should be your exploration of your theme or themes, using characters, scenes, symbols, and situations in the movie to show how the movie addresses basic points. Be thorough! Use all of the relevant elements of the film, and describe characters and scenes briefly but adequately.
(4) You can use the reviews and other articles to substantiate your argument, or you can use them as counterpoint that is, you can argue your point against them.

You need to provide a bibliography in APA. If you get your references from the web, be sure to note that and provide a URL.You should cite references in the body of your essay, also using a standard format.

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