Learn about appropriate sources for researching countries involvement in textiles/apparel production and trade


1.To learn about appropriate sources for researching countries involvement in textiles/apparel production and trade
2.To evaluate how political, economic, social, cultural, and ethical perspectives affect sourcing decisions
3.To understand the relationship between sourcing and other functional activities, such as product development, manufacturing, forecasting, and quality management
4.To engage in critical thinking by analyzing consistency and conflicts in information and by synthesizing various factors related to the sourcing decision-making process


After graduation, you are hired by a global consulting firm that specializes in the textiles and apparel industry. One of the firms clients, a US-based apparel company, is considering sourcing production (apparel assembly) for a product line from a particular country. To advise your client, you need to research various aspects of the product category itself, the client company, and, most important, the country.

What to do?

1.Human Resource provides basic geographic data on the country that is relevant to the textile and apparel industries/trade. It may include the big picture overview of the country, such as its location, climate (e.g., possibility of natural disasters), natural resources (e.g., clean water, electricity), and agricultural products (e.g., cotton, flax, or wool). The HR manager researches the basic characteristics of the countrys labor force (i.e., ethnic/racial heritage, language, religion, education/literacy, level of the labor force skills), minimum/average wages in the country.

2.Investment Risk Analyst investigates political and economic orientations of the country and local legal regulations and requirements with respect to foreign investments and ownership. Think about currency used and its exchange rate with the US dollar (as well as its stability).

3.Product Development Specialist examines domestic availability of raw materials (e.g., cotton, wool). Are the materials readily available locally? Consider any special techniques/products traditional to the country and whether these can be used for your clients product line. List two examples of local companies that can be potential partners for your clients company.

4.Trade Specialist researches the countrys involvement in the worlds trade (participation in global organizations, types of products exported and imported, trends in exports/imports, major trading partners, trade history and relationships with the United States, etc.).

5.Cultural Analyst examines the historical and cultural background of the country to understand the issues involved in social interaction among the people. In a broader sense, is there an anti-US movement? If so, what is the reason? Are there any previous political and/or economic conflicts or disagreements with the United States? What are the major cultural values and beliefs in the country?
Minimum Standards for the Written Presentation of Your Paper
1.Use subheadings within the body of the paper for each content area listed above.
2.Introduce your topic in an introductory paragraph and paper must have a concluding paragraph to summarize your findings and recommendations for using your country for sourcing.
3.Use citations within the paper to document sources of all factual information.
4.Cite a minimum of 6 sources beyond the textbook, including business periodicals and websites. (No blogs or Wikipedia)
5.Make sure the paper is at least three to four pages which is the minimum length required.
6.Use one recognized research paper format throughout the paper. APA is a logical choice due to the ease of preparing the reference list. Consistency and completeness is the goal.
7.Double-spaced, Time New Roman Font, size 12 for PC, size 11 for Macs with 1 margins and spell-checked.
___________(10) Organization, introductory paragraph, context and concluding paragraph
Fulfilled obligations of paper requirements (part 1-5) = 75 points total
o_______(15) HR
o_______ (15) Investment Risk)
o________(15) Product Development Specialist
o_________ (15) Trade Specialist
o_________ (15) Cultural Analyst
___________ (20) Detailed Outline (due on posted date)
____________(15) Professional terminology, correct grammar utilization and spell check
_____________(20) Proper citations (6 sources)
____________(10) Required page length, double spaced, Times New Roman font, 1 margins

____________ (150) Total Points

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