Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration

1) Watch the following video on how to brief a case: Read the following articles on how to brief a case:; Conduct research (ideally Google Scholar) to locate the following case listed below to find out more information in order to complete the required brief memo in step four.Week 2 Case \”Antitrust\” Brief: Antitrust: Abbott Laboratories v. Portland Retail Druggists Association, In 425 US 14) Write the brief memo in your own words and include answers to the following in the order presented:The complete title and citation for the case.Explain which court decided this case.How did the case get to the court? Discuss the procedural history of the case.Discuss the facts of the case.What legal issues were decided by the court in this case? Give its holding (decision) and the reasons it gave for the decision (reasoning)?Was the decision unanimous? If not, who dissented and why did they dissent?Why is this case important for healthcare administrators?

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