legalization of marijuana.

Directions: Conduct research to gain information to prepare a survey.
Conduct research on the legalization of marijuana. The length of the paper will be a minimum of 1 ½ to 2 pages. It will be double spaced with a 12 font size. You will cite your work in the body of the paper and prepare a work cited page (for the citations you may use MLA). Do not use Wikipedia (no credit). You will begin your work at the top of the first page (if you do not points will be counted off). Also, you will create a title page with your name and topic. Submit your work as a Word document (or PDF).
For your research, you may find information on the following (not limited to the following): medical marijuana, pharmaceutical interests, overcrowded prisons, who gains the power if legalized, Cartel situation, reason for being illegal, affects it has on the body, users lack of motivation.

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