List and explain the arguments for and against introducing a new economy tape.

Fashion Channel Case Questions

Provide a review of the consumer and market information in the case. This should include the recap of the key information found in Exhibits 1-3.

Determine the expected outcome of each of the three targeting scenarios. Complete both the Ad Revenue and Financial calculators to fully understand the financial impact of the scenarios.

NOTE: The supplemental case information has Exhibits 4 and 5 reproduced. You can use these exhibits to complete this question.

Provide an analysis of the segmentation options discussed in the case by listing the pros and cons of each of the three options.

Discuss which of the three segments you believe should be targeted. This discussion should include key information from earlier questions to defend why you believe your chosen segment is the correct target market.

Format of the Case Write-up

You should have a separate section for each of the four questions. These sections should be labeled with a short descriptive title of what that section contains and not simply labeled as, Question 1.

Each section should have a major heading. If there is a need for a subheading in any of the sections, you should include those in a different font than your major headings. You should use complete paragraphs
The answers for this study case ahold be written in two pages, with showing the calculations that was done to get those answers superbly. I’m going to attach a PDF file for the case its self and an excel file that contains the rest of the information related.

Peak Sealing Case Questions

List and explain the arguments for and against introducing a new economy tape. Consider all of the following factors in the arguments for or against introducing the tape.

Current positioning of Peak Sealing

Brand vison and brand boundary considerations

Strategic direction of Peak Sealing

Cannibalization concerns

How would the proposed economy tape likely impact the commission earned by each member of the sales force.

Competitive threat

Provide a recommendation of for or against launching an economy tape. This recommendation should reference key findings from the previous question.

Regardless of your recommendation, address the following marketing issues related to a launch of the economy tape. Address each of the following components:

Pricing. Your pricing recommendation should consider the competition and any positive or negative differentiation value that can logically be inferred from the case. Also address the possibilities of a price war trap and a low quality trap and how Peak Sealing can successfully navigate these issues.

Sales force compensation. Here, you should recommend a commission rate and quantitatively demonstrate where that commission rate compares to the commission earned by the sales force when selling the other products offered by Peak Sealing.

Product Name: Considering that this is a down market stretch, explain whether you believe the company……

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