Literature critical analysis

For this assignment, you will be writing a 4-5 page critical analysis (close-reading) of a poem or song that deals with the Gothic.Use \”Tenebris\” by Angelina Weld GrimkéWritten AssignmentIn your analysis, you should pay close attention to how the language of the poem helps to reveal and/or reflect a unifying theme. You should also pay attention to the rhythm, meter, rhyme (if present) and other poetic devices. You will provide readers with a well-supported explanation of your analysis using specific words, phrases, and lines from the text itself as evidence.Research and Quotations:You will be writing a close-reading, meaning that it is not necessary to do research for this essay. You should rely solely on the text for evidence to support your interpretation. There is no one correct reading or interpretation. As long as you can logically support your conclusions with specific examples from the text, you will be applying close reading correctly. If you do use any outside resources in your analysis, you must cite them.You will, however, be using specific words, phrases and lines from the text. You should use an in-text citation noting the line numbers after any quotation. Quotations of poetry of up to three lines are cited in the text, while quotations of four or more lines of poetry are put in long quotation format. Line numbers are indicated by lower case “l”. Use one lower case “l” for one line—i.e. (l) and two “ls” for multiple lines—i.e. (ll 1-4).Ex. 1: “La Belle Dame sans Merci” describes the fate of “knight-at-arms/Alone a palely loitering” (ll 1-2) who is enchanted by an evil spirit in the guise of a naked woman.Ex. 2: The Ancient Mariner tells the Wedding Guest about the curse the former incurred after he,…had done a hellish thing,And it would work ‘em woe:For all averred, I had killed the birdThat had made the breeze to blow. (ll 91-94)

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