Literature Review

Below are the instructions for the assignment. My Problem statement was how can patients with Diabetes type 2 can lower or keep a proper glucose levels. I\’m uploading a few articles that i used on the initial assignment. If you find better Peer Review articles ( from 2011 to 2016) related to my problem statement is fine. So basically the first part is the table to describe the relevance between the student Learning outcome (SLO) and the articles. The second part is a summary of each article used. For example for SLO #3 you could use the article i\’m loading (DM3). For SLO # 1 and 2 i think i have 2 articles with different research designs that you can use. The minimum articles we can use is 4. You can repeat one as long is not by it self. No more than two pages.Review of the Literature AssignmentResearch at least one article for each of the course level Student Learning Outcomes from peer reviewed/scholarly journals related to your problem statement assignment. Critically review each article and construct a table that outlines the issues in healthcare based on each course level Student Learning Outcome. Format the table as follows:( I\’m uploading the table)Student Learning outcomes:1. Discuss various research designs2. Compare and contrast select research designs3. Examine the use of research and evidence based practice in healthcare4. Deconstruct select research studiesWrite a maximum of one paragraph summarizing each article as it relates the Student Learning Outcome and your problem statement.Grading RubricSelection of articles 5%Concise outline of relevance in table 5%Written summary of each article and how they address each SLOs 10%

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