Malls in Dubai

Article Review
This goes for the reviews later on as well. This single text review will serve the basis for the eventual writing of your more in-depth literature review. The goal is to combine the later reviews into what will become your literature review. Your review should describe the contents and significance of one of the most important texts in your interest area. It should not be as large as a book, but instead an essay or chapter. The more important or influential you know it to be in the field, the better, and include some description of this importance or influence as part of your review. Remember your task is to describe its contents and also its significance to your work and to the ongoing work in the field.

Your initial review should consist of these things (the following reviews should do this as well, but we will discuss how that process will differ):
1. Indicate the author’s position/ argument(s)/ research question/ problematique
2. The research paradigm used and/or the theoretical framework(s) informing the author’s position, argument, perspective, conclusions
3. A summary and/or description of the contents of the work to orient the reader to the topic and author’s position/theoretical framework- this could be done by situating the work within the larger literature and/or discourse.
4. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the research. Indicate what contributions the author makes to the field in general, while also pointing to what still needs to be done.
5. Generalize back to the topic as a whole, or to larger themes beyond the work itself, or to the larger need (or problem) of which this particular text was a part.
REMEMBER: Do NOT merely describe or summarize the author’s position; this is not the point of the review. Also, stating merely that the work is good/bad is not enough. Later on, we will use these reviews to situate your own research/ problem/ questions/ problematique.

Elsheshtawy, Yasser. 2009. Dubai: Behind an Urban Spectacle

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