Managed care legislation

Review table 3-1(significant managed care federal legislation) pp 49-50 and select an act of legislation that you believe most significantly influenced the growth of managed care. (more than one piece of legislation can be selected). Conduct a literature search to locate 5 articles about the legislation selected and prepare a two-page, double-spaced, word processed document that summarized the findings.The documents should be organized as follows:1. First paragraph should discuss the legislation you selected as most significant influencing the growth of managed care.2. The second and subsequent paragraphs should list reasons (from articles located via literature search) that support the chosen legislation as being the most influential regarding the growth of managed care.3. The last paragraph will contain a conclusion about the growth of managed care as the result of the impact of the legislation that you chose as being most influential.4. You must include a bibliography of the 5 articles located during the literature search.

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