“Managing Human Resources to Improve Organizational Productivity”.Discuss

Go to the Living Wage Calculator Website, located at http://livingwage.mit.edu/, and select two different states and locations to compare their living wage estimates and poverty wage levels. Be prepared to discuss.

Discussion 1

Moral and Ethical Policy Evaluation:

Evaluate the ethical and moral implications of at least two of the following public policy decisions:

• Dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

• The coverage of abortions under Affordable Health Care

• The use of torture in interrogating possible terrorists

• Handing out condoms in school systems

• Residence restrictions for sex offenders after release from prison

• A huge U.S. deficit and debt but yearly $2.4B to Israel, $1.7B to Egypt and $798M to Pakistan (mostly all for weapons and internal security)

Discussion 2

Evaluating Public Policy:

Your task is to evaluate the outcomes of any public policy of your choice (e.g. crime reduction, education, reducing poverty, reducing homelessness, supporting veterans, etc.) Using evaluation techniques discussed this week, discussion at least two quantitative statistics to evaluate the effectiveness of your chosen policy and then discuss at least two qualitative measures of the policy’s effectiveness. Make sure to give sources in proper APA format for the measures you use to evaluate your chosen policy.

530 discussion 1

Book reference

Riccucci, N. M. (02/2011). Public Personnel Management: Current Concerns, Future Problems, 5th Edition. [VitalSource Bookshelf Online]. Retrieved from https://strayer.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781323080962/

Public Sector Pensions and Benefits” Please respond to the following:

· Review the author’s statement in Chapter 13: “New-generation human resource managers must add to their work portfolios how to help employees make appropriate decisions about participation, contribution, and even investment in their benefit packages so that they better enable themselves when they retire to maintain the standard of living they had when they were working.” Analyze your own retirement pension and benefits package, (or absence of a company-provided package) and offer three pieces of advice to Generation X-ers and Generation Y-ers regarding their retirement.

Discussion 2

“Managing Human Resources to Improve Organizational Productivity” Please respond to the following:

· Debate It: According to the Office of Personnel Management, federal regulations provide for four forms of awards that can be given to federal employees: lump-sum cash awards, honorary awards, informal recognition awards, and time-off awards. Take a position on which award is favorable to current (a) Baby Boomers already employed in public service, (b) Baby Boomers returning to public service after retirement, (c) Generation X-ers, and (d) Generation Y-ers. Provide a rationale for your views

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