Marketing in Modern Age

the topic is marketing in modern age.
but that topic is to general, and you have to narrow it down to be more specific for you to do better in the research.(you can choose what ever best for you to write)

T stands as theme. the paper has to have 3 themes.
JUST FOR EXAMPLE: T1: Facebook is good, T2: Facebook is bad, T3: Facebook is whatever. and the themes are 1000 words each.

the research has to be in the last 7 to 8 years academic papers.

please don’t use the normal blogging articles/journals.
the journals for your research MUST BE academic papers.
The more people have cited the paper is the better/stronger the sources is, for you to support your arguments.

the sources must be from the books, google scholarship, and my University library ( and go to UWE log in and my user name is k2-noviane, pass: Seppria90) and click library, there you can get the access for the journals.

PLEASE REFER TO LITREV NO LECTURE NOTES to understand how to work with the sources!!!

the methodology part is your methodology of how you approach the the articles. for example: it’s been quoted a lot and ….
what method do you use!?

please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any question.

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