MArketng: Unit 1 Assignment 2

MY TOPIC AND BUSINESS IS: Nourish Organic Juice- This is a local Colorado Springs Colorado Juice company- Here is their website is their facebook with public information too: can always call and ask questions just say you\’re a student researching local juice companies for any further assistance. AND MAKE SURE TO REFERENCE EVERYTHINGAssignment: Write a 3-4 page paper that analyzes the basic marketing overview of your chosen productRequirements:Include a cover page and a reference page with properly cited sourcesDescribe the target demographic market, including age, sex, lifestyle, geographic, aspectsDescribe the environment of your product or serviceDiscuss the economic, social, cultural, technological, political, legal, competitive, global, natural resources, etc. environmental influences on your product/service)Also discuss how the present uncontrollable environmental situation affects the viability of your product/serviceUse as many marketing terms as possible and the concepts from the readings, ideas from the discussions, and topics learned from the quiz from Unit 1Write the paper in APA format and in third person (use the company will..; avoid using I, we, etc.)Save your completed paper as a document (either a .doc or a .rtf file) and submit it to this dropbox by the due date listed in the Schedule**I will upload an example of what my teacher is looking for***I will also upload the vocab for this unit so you can pull words from there too**Thanks tons!

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