Marks and Spencer Annual Report

This is 7pages task(one page discount)
Choose a large organisation(Nando’s) to research and obtain its latest published financial information covering the last three years.
Prepare a report on that organisation which contains the following:

• Evaluate the corporate governance, legal and regulatory requirements of the organisation
• Critically analyse the accountability for and roles of managers in making business decisions
• Explain how the Published Financial Statement is structured
• The main stakeholders who would use the published information and for what purpose.
• An explanation of where both long-term and short-term finance has been raised and used.
• Calculations on the key financial ratios, including cash-flow analysis, and a comment on the findings.
• An explanation of the different methods that could be used for appraising capital projects and the strengths of each.
• An indication of the weaknesses of published financial information.
Please cover all the points.

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