Measure phase six sigma

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What are you going to measure? What is/are the variables and what is/are the metrics? How do these variables connect to the overall performance improvement? How are you going to measure the variables? What is the measurement process and plan? What documents can you use? Do you need to develop any data collection forms? Who is going to do the measuring? How often will you collect the data? Provide samples of data collection forms and documents. Do a pilot data collection and explain how this was done, when, by whom. Show the sample data. Show the sample analysis that was done on the data Explain the results and the baseline performance measure, mean and sigma. Calculate the current six sigma limits. One thing that would be very helpful is a detailed process flow chart. You have provided a high level process chart, but the devil is in the details. One thing that is really unclear is that it seems that somebody has to travel somewhere, and that sometimes there is an agent and sometimes not. This is part of the process and needs to be explained and documented. I think the best time to do this detailed process chart and description would be in this phase, the Measurement Phase because you are going to specify collecting data for different activities in the process and these activities need to be understood in the context of the detailed process. So please provide this detailed process flow chart