During the course of this module members of the class will conduct practical work comparing the results of two different body composition test protocols. The results from this practical work will be collated and distributed. For the purposes of this assignment each individual will be required to select an appropriate means of comparing the results from each test and write up the work as a project report.

Further to this, students will then make a short group presentation on the project using PowerPoint. Students will have to collate their separate assignments together in order to deliver one presentation which is indicative of their combined work. This will open them up to developing the skills required to work effectively as part of an inter-disciplinary team.

The project report should contain the following elements:

Introduction – Should include the theoretical background against which the experiment has been designed, a brief review of appropriate literature, its aim and experimental hypothesis.

Method – Should provide an accurate summary of what was done. This section contains separate sections titled Participants, Procedure, Equipment/Instruments, and should include subject details, equipment used and procedure. It should be written in the past tense.

Results – This section should include a summary of all calculated data presented in an appropriate manner (e.g. tables, graphs). It should also contain text accompanying graphs and tables explaining what they show.

Discussion – This section should contain a qualitative and quantitative interpretation of the findings presented in the previous section. In this section you should compare your results with those reported in the literature. You may also comment on how to improve and/or extend the experiment and also how such experiments might be used in the field of sport and exercise science. This section should contain a brief statement of the main findings and their interpretation.

References – This section should present a COMPLETE LIST of the references cited in the report using the Harvard system.

In addition to the project report you are required to make a short group presentation on the project using PowerPoint. A printout of the overheads used should be submitted, in “hand-outs” format.

Specific Assessment Criteria:

Third class: The student will have successfully completed the project and submitted a project report. Each of the required sections of the report will have been completed using a good standard of presentation. The project report will clearly explain the aims methods and findings of the laboratory practical and a reasonable attempt at interpretation of the findings will be evident. The presentation will give a basic outline of all aspects of the research project.

Second class: The student will have met the criteria for a third class pass. The project report will demonstrate evidence of a clear understanding of the aims, method and findings of the project including an awareness of their limitations. Interpretation of the findings will also demonstrate evidence of evaluation in the context of sport and exercise. The presentation will give a thorough outline of all aspects of the research project.

First class: The student will have met the criteria for a second class pass. Evaluation and interpretation of findings in the context of appropriate contemporary studies will be evident. Presentation will be of a very high standard. The presentation will give a comprehensive and insightful outline of all aspects of the research project.

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