Media Technology for Business


1. You are setting up a small business. You have a fictitious budget of £300,000 to buy all the
equipment needed to start an Audio Visual/Media support company for small to medium events.
2. You must not exceed £300,000.
3. You will have to carefully think how to invest your money to achieve the goals and profits, so
the most area you cover technically the chances are more business you get.

4. You will write a report and PowerPoint Presentation considering at least 70% of all the aspects and technological areas listed below.

5. You will need to justify your choices when presenting the case study.
6. The report should contain a list of all equipment purchased with cost per unit the total spent. Presentation to be no longer than 10 minutes.
7. Create an equipment loan brochure for your company including the costs of hire for 1day, I week and a bundle hire.
Using the gained knowledge and skills to present how you would make best use of media technologies to promote this company based on equipment and technical facilities provided or installed.