Medieval Art

Characterize the most enduring influences of ancient Roman art on art produced during the Early Middle ages. Answers with references to works from the period before c.750.What art form were created to serve the needs of monastic communities during the Early Middle Ages, and to what extent is it appropriate to speak of monastic art?What types of art work evolved to serve the practical needs of relic cults during the Early Middle Ages and how did these art works reflect the power of the saints?Characterize the social function of jewelry owed by early medieval rulers and the other artistic media used to compliment the display of such pieces of metalworks.*Must be 12pt standard type face set. Please include a bibliography and if possible try to reference L.Nees, Early Medieval Art (Oxford 2002), H.L Kessler, Seeing Medieval Art (Peterborough Ont. 2004), or R.Stalley, Early Medieval Architecture ( Oxford 1999). Must be 6 pages not including biblography.*

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