Your paper has three parts, a summary, a reaction, and an integration of the text, articles and class discussion. This paper should consist of a summary of the article you have chosen, your reaction to the article and a section on how the article connects to similar issues raised in your text, articles read for class and class discussion. Think about using the extensive reference lists at the end of each chapter as possible sources for your articles. The summary should consist of the major points made in the article and a summary should always be in your own words. Your reaction section should include not only whether you agree or dont agree with the major points of the article but also why; that is, you should explain the reasons for your reaction. The summary would ordinarily be approximately 1 12 pages, and the reaction and integration of the text, articles, and class discussion 1 page each.

The article is
by: Sandra Stukes Chipungu and Tricia B. Bent-Goodley

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