Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners

In the Application Assignment for this week, you created two scale drawings of the CRC and developed questions and mathematical tasks to use with students to facilitate geometric thinking at various van Hiele levels. In this Discussion, you will share your drawings with your colleagues, discuss any challenges you may have encountered while creating these drawings, and further develop your related questions and mathematical tasks to meet the needs of diverse learners.

To prepare:

Choose one of your scale drawings to share with your colleagues. If you choose to share your handmade drawing, scan and attach it as a PDF file or a Word document for others to see. If you plan on sharing your scale drawing made by using a technology tool, insert the drawing into a PDF file or a Word document and upload the drawings as an attachment.
Consider the benefits and challenges of making the scale drawing by hand or using a technology tool. What specific challenges did you encounter while creating your drawings?
Recall the questions and mathematical tasks you developed for students in the Application Assignment. What potential misconceptions might occur as student engage in these questions and tasks?
Reflect on the strategies presented in the articles “Map Scale, Proportion, and Google Earth”and “Proportional Reasoning and the Visually Impaired.”How might you utilize one or more of these strategies to strengthen students’ understanding of scale factor and/or address misconceptions?

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