Methodology about hedging interest rate swap. and the different between IRS and Islamic IRS

Kindly this chapter of Methodology must be cover:
1- ( Hedge ingeneral)
2-Tools that used to hedge with Interest Rate Swap
3-swaps types
3.1 Intest Rate Swap ( the normal IRS)
3.2 Islamic Profit Rate Swap (Islamic IRS)
4- Pros and Cons of IRS
Usually this chapter should include:
1- Data
2- Methods used to collect data( Please read the proposal and Litture review)
3- Sample size, sampling method(we will use real cases about hedging using IRS from SHB bank and Riyadh Bank)
4- Questionnaire design if used
5- Interview guide if used
6- Limitations of study (we have an access from SHB Bank and Riyadh Bank)
Note: Please read the Research proposal and the literature review.
if you need any additional information from Bank please let me know cause i’m working in SHB Bank

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