Microbiological Aspects of a Specified Food Product.Discuss

Topic: Microbiological Aspects of a Specified Food Product
Scope: “In July 2008, the National Salmonella Reference Laboratory in Ireland reported a cluster of six cases of Salmonella Agona (S.Agona) infection to the Irish Health Protection Surveillance Centre. Further investigation demonstrated these to be part of a large international outbreak of S. Agona phage type 39 with a distinctive pulsed field profile (SAGOXB.0066).”

Discuss this statement referring to the suitability of meat and meat products as a source of Salmonella contamination. Detail the detection, isolation and sub-typing methods appropriate to Salmonella and the epidemiology of outbreak. Discuss the failures in risk assessment and management that resulted in the contaminated product reaching the consumer and how the chain of infection was broken.

Deadline: 6 December

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