Microbiological Report

normal margins.  The report should contain page numbers and a header indicating your name, the module code and the assignment title.  You must include a completed assignment submission cover sheet.  Reference relevant sources using the appropriate Harvard Referencing system.

Indicative reading:
Burdass.D, (2009) The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly , London: Society for General Micro-biology      ISBN 10:  0953683850

Champe,P,  Harvey,R,  Fisher,B, (2006) Microbiology. London: Lippacott Williams and Wilkins    ISBN 10:  0781782155

Madigan,M.T., Martuko,J.,Dunlop,P.,Clark,D (2008) Brock Biology of Micro-organisms. London:Pearson Education    ISBN 10:  0321536150


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