minute-taking homework for Health and Safety Committee Thursday 16th April 2015

It\’s minute-taking homework. I will send you the video\’s link regarding the meeting in Language Center. I will also send you the seating plan for people\’s names in the meeting and a sample from last meeting outcome which hold in 10th April 2015 in order to know how to write the minute-taking. you just summaries the meeting in 16th April 2015.

1- the link homework for video in 16th April 2015 you need to watch it then summaries it according the agendas , there is a seating plan for people\”s names in the meeting in order to understand the meeting. you should summarize the agenda from 1 until 9 that discussed in the meeting.

2-I am attaching a sample from the last meeting in in 10th April 2015 in order to understand and know how to write a minute-taking style

Instruction files

lchs_1_language_centre_h_s_committee_seating_plan_homework.docx(24,03 KiB)
last_meeting_in_10th_april_2015.docx(20,32 KiB)
last_meeting_in_10th_april_20150.docx(20,32 KiB)
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