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Climate Change; is there hope?
An Inconvenient Truth: Please watch the documentary and answer the following questions on the concerns over anthropogenic (human caused) climate change.

1.What are greenhouse gases and what processes produce them?
2.How do greenhouse gases cause global warming?
3.Scientists have measured atmospheric CO2 concentration from 1958 to today. Why does the line go up and down each year?
4.What has been the trend in global atmospheric CO2 concentration over the past 50 years since scientists started directly measuring it?
5.What is the relationship between global atmospheric CO2 concentrations and mean global atmospheric temperature over the past 600,000 years?
6.Explain the evidence that suggests that the warming period we are in is not just part of a \”natural cyclical phenomenon\”.
7.What are the major CO2 generating factors in the operation of hotels, and what can we do to minimize the carbon footprint of hotel operations?

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